Lugnoru taking part in Kokeilun Paikka

Kokeilun Paikka is a project funded by the Finnish Government and implemented by Motiva Oy, a state-owned development company that allows a Finnish experimental community to produce experiments on their own ideas in different themes. The aim is to try to solve different challenges. Support is also provided by the Finnish Crowdfunding Service The test site allows you to test selected ideas by going through the arc of the experiment described more closely here.


Lugnoru is testing a predictive stress management model, Perfect Day, in order to find ways to use artificial intelligence as part of everyday life management. Our experiment is scheduled to consist of four-stages and service design tools and methods are to be utilized in the process. Our desire is to find people who are willing to improve their everyday and stress management and are interested in our common development.


The experiment involves our partner Vigofere Oy. Vigofere Oy is a Finnish welfare technology company, which owns Moodmetric products and services. We had a great chance to use Moodmetric’s smart rings in our experiment. The Moodmetric smart ring is well suited for both immediate observation of stress reactions and long-term field research.

In the first phase of our experiment, people interested in stress management can leave their contact information on website. They will then receive a survey regarding their own stress-consciousness.


In the second phase 8-12 persons are invited to an interview where they get a closer look at the factors related to the management of their own everyday life and stress. After the interview, participants will be given the opportunity to participate in the third-stage field trials. WorkFlow allows people to keep a “journal” of their actions, while the Moodmetric ring measures their stress levels.


The fourth step is a workshop where experiences from the third stage field trial are conducted. Based on the collected data, we intend to build, in cooperation with our users, the first prototype of our service. Based on the data collected, we can create a first algorithm that can be used to support day care and to prolong prolonged chronic stress.


So, if you are interested in improving your own stress management, then join us in developing our service. We offer you a unique opportunity to test our new stress management model among our first users. You can also get involved in a three-week test sequence that lets you track your stress levels using the Moodmetric ring.




J-P and Markus Lugnoru


P.S. In the next blog post we will discuss measuring stress with different ways. We will look more closely at cortisol levels, EDA (electrodermal activity) and HRV (heart-rate variability).